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This is my family. A couple of months ago we headed up Provo Canyon to hang out and these are some of the images from that day. They are some my favorite people in the whole world. I’m not one to post about my personal life on my blog. In fact, this is the first time ever, so, I hope you all enjoy these pictures, as they are as genuine as they come. Here’s a little bit of info on my favorite peeps:

T.J. (Taylor, Teej, T, Babe, etc.) This is my husband. We’ve been married since September 5, 2013. He’s been my best friend since we started dating when I was 14. He is really good at constantly reminding me how much he loves me everyday. Although he MUST watch tv when he eats any meal and is late 99% of the time, I love this guy with all my heart. Teej is so smart and so good at school. I hope our kids inherit his academic skills. T’s always acing tests, and not just tests, math and biology tests, something I probably never did let’s be honest. He is going to make one incredible doctor someday.

Mom- We like to tease mom cause she’s this tiny 5 foot, 100 lbs hot mama that’s fun to tease. She hates swear words, so of course we all take turns saying the beginning of one swear word while the other  finishes it. We like to get her all riled up because it usually ends in a laugh. It takes a LOT to make Mama Spaulding mad. She’s the most down to earth mom that would do anything and everything for her kids and anyone really. Mom’s always getting talks from dad about continuously buying gifts for the whole world. She’s a gift giver for sure and I definitely don’t mind 😉

Dad- My dad rocks. He’s a clean freak with an entrepreneur brain. He’s always coming up with new ideas for businesses and frequently reaching out to others to help with their own, including mine. Whenever i’m discussing business with my husband, the conversation always ends with T.J saying, “Well, what does your dad say? What does your dad think?” because he too, knows that when it comes to business, my dad knows best. And as well as he knows business, he knows how to play. Dad is always planning vacations. Vacations with a minimum 10 day stay.  He’s a kid in a mans body and he’ll surf his brains out if given the chance.

My sister Jess- Jess-a-freak is the best sister ever. T.J always says he doesn’t want her to get married cause she’s so cool to hang out with and what if her husband isn’t. Haha. She really is cool. Cooler than me. My brothers will even tell you that. Somehow I got the “Mom-Worry Wart-Brain” and she got the carefree brain. Not fair. So guess who’s always the babysitter? Me. She’s also beautiful, inside and out. If she gets mad at you, she’s apologizing no longer than 5 minutes later. I don’t think she could hold a grudge if she had to. She’s my exercise partner and she kicks my butt, i’m always trying to be more like her.

My brother Conner- Conn-uh-monkey is currently serving an LDS mission in California. He’s the biggest stud you’ll ever meet. He’s one of those annoying people that’s good at everything. One day it’s art, the next it’s skiing or surfing. I’m pretty sure he was swimming in our pool before he was 2 years old. Along with being good at everything he tries, he’s also the comedian in the family. Conner’s extremely witting and always saying things that have myself thinking, ” Why didn’t I come up with that?” It’s fun to be the funny one, I always wish I was. Can’t wait for him to get home because it’s definitely not the same with out him!

My Brother Zachary- Boosh (A nickname I gave him when I was younger because he had bushy bushy blonde hair, and somehow bushy bushy turned into Boosh) The baby in the family. I like to brag that he has his older sisters work ethic. This boy busts his butt to earn money when he needs to. Sometimes we butt heads and I think it’s because we are really similar. Other times, it’s because I have that “Mom-Worry-Wart-Brain” and I don’t let him get away with things he shouldn’t. Boosh is all talk and no bite. He tries to be a bad A and my family just laughs because the kid doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. He’s got the biggest heart and anyone that really knows him, knows that.

Nannie- She’s taught me how to unwrap garlic, that extra cinnamon is always ok, that cute dish towels are a must and she’s also the culprit for turning me into the biggest food snob. We don’t eat expired food, we don’t do Western Family parmesan cheese, and we don’t do fruits from Mexico. We used to get together and cook once a week, but she recently moved back to Kentucky. So now we email each other good recipes and take pictures of our dinners and send them to each other. We both understand how important chocolate is and we hate when we don’t have any in the house and have to resort to semi-sweet chocolate chips. She wants whats best for us and I know she’d crawl out of bed at 3:00 in the morning if I needed her.

Doodle- The funniest man ever. Everyone that meets Doodle, loves Doodle. He’s so good at making friends. Whether it’s a new neighbor or an 11 year old kid at Wendy’s fast food, he’s making new friends everywhere he goes. He’ll make you laugh too. I’d say that the majority of these photos where we are laughing, we are probably laughing as something Doodle said or did. For example: I was trying to take a nice picture of my grandparents, mom and dad when Doodle starts popping out his dentures mid-picture. We all died laughing for a good 10 minutes. If you ask Doodle how his day is going on a scale of 1 to 10, he’ll tell you, “Aww i’m pushin a 2.” Or my favorite is when him and Nannie are leaving our house after Sunday dinner and Nannie says “Come on Doodle, let’s go.” and Doodle replies with “I don’t want to be strapped to the top of the car again.”




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